2016 Homecoming Spirit Wear 

Order now through Thursday 9/15

Order forms are available at lunch everyday.  No orders accepted without payment

Styles and Prices Below

2016 Homecoming Logo T-Shirt

Logo appears on Back of Shirt

Small logo on left chest Front

Maroon Shirt

Short Sleeve - $12.00

($15.00 for 2X and 3X)

Long Sleeve - $16.00

($19.00 for 2X and 3X)

1/4 Zip Pullover Sweatshirt

Logo appears on Left Chest

Homecoming Logo Not available on 1/4 Zip Pullover

(This Logo also apears on front of T-Shirts)


($28.00 for 2X and 3X)

2016 Homecoming Hoodie

Logo appears on Front

Gray Hooded Sweatshirt


($25.00 for 2X and 3X)

2016 Warrior Sweatpants

Logo runs down front of pant leg


($23.00 for 2X and 3X)